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Full-Stack Web Development Microdegree Program

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⚡ Microdegree Program - 3 Course Series

Unleash your coding potential with UET's Full-Stack Web Development Microdegree Program. This intensive program meticulously curated by industry gurus introduces you to the dynamic MERN stack - MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js, powering the most demanding web applications. Reinforce your learning with front-end essentials: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Tailwind, and cloud services with AWS hosting. Endorsed by the American Council on Education, this program is your definitive roadmap to full-stack mastery. Take a decisive step towards a flourishing fullstack development career with UET today!

☁️ 6 months of free Cloud Lab access worth USD 400

Program Duration

🎓 6 Credit Hours

👥 1:1

Credit Hours

Dedicated Mentor Support

💼 360 Degree

Career Advancement

Key Highlights

📂 Comprehensive Curriculum: This program wraps together 3 key courses - Complete Web Developer Certification Course, React JS Developer Certification Course, Backend Dev with Node.js & MongoDB Certification Course, and a Capstone MERN Stack Project, providing a broad-spectrum understanding of full-stack web development.

📈 Expert-Led Instruction: Learn from experienced industry professionals who provide personalized mentorship throughout the program.

👥 1:1 Doubt Clearance: Benefit from dedicated support ensuring that all your queries and doubts are addressed promptly and thoroughly.

🏢 Industry-Recognized Certification: Upon completion, earn a Microdegree that testifies to your expertise and boosts your professional credibility.

💻 Hands-on Experience: Apply your skills in a practical context with real-world projects and access to the AWS Cloud Lab.

🎯 360° Career Services: Avail comprehensive career support services including CV reviews, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization, and more, making you job-ready.

🎓 College Credit-Eligible: The program is recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) for 6 college credit transfers, adding an academic advantage to your learning journey.

♾️ Lifetime Access to Course Material: Have perpetual access to all course materials for review and updates as the industry evolves.

🏪 Flexible Learning: Learn at your own pace and convenience with our online platform, fitting the program seamlessly into your life.

Navigating the Web Matrix: Your Journey into Full-Stack Web Development

High Demand, High Salary

Launch into an enticing career path with Full-Stack Web Development, one of the most sought-after skills in the tech world. With U.S. salaries for Full-Stack Developers skyrocketing between $105,000 to $150,000, our Microdegree is your springboard to financial success and stability. Your future starts here!

Future-proof Career

In a world where technology is constantly advancing, Full-Stack Development is a stalwart of the industry. Our Microdegree doesn't just equip you with the mastery of MERN stack, it forges you into an adaptable tech maverick ready to take on the dynamic tech landscape. Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your career!

Top Companies are Hiring

Join the leagues of tech wizards at world-renowned firms like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. By mastering MERN Stack through our Microdegree, you're not just learning - you're becoming a sought-after tech prodigy in the thriving job market. Open the doors to your dream job with us!

Potential Job Titles

Our Microdegree goes beyond just teaching you Full-Stack Development - it's the key to a world of exciting career opportunities. Whether as a Full-Stack Developer, Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer, or MERN Stack Developer, the tech world will be your oyster. Enroll today, and unlock an exhilarating career path full of possibilities!

⚡ Microdegree Program - 3 Course Series

The Complete Web Developer Certification Course

Dive headfirst into the thrilling digital universe with our all-inclusive Web Developer Certification Course. Delve deep into the foundational web technologies - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - and construct your very own online masterpieces. Unleash the power of jQuery and Bootstrap to enhance user experience and interactivity. Master Git and GitHub to manage versions like a pro, and learn to employ Google APIs, social plugins, and AWS deployment to create, collaborate and share your projects globally. Ignite your web development journey amidst a community of like-minded learners!

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🗓️ 10 Weeks at 10 -12 hours a week

📂 10 Modules

🥷 20 Skills

Module 1: The Power of Git

Module Description: Discover the power of Git, a must-have skill for every developer. From tracking changes to resolving conflicts, you'll learn how to streamline your collaborative efforts.

Outcome: Become adept at version control, branching, committing, and conflict resolution.

Hands-On Project: Experience firsthand the project handling process in a collaborative coding environment.

Tools Covered: Command line or GUI applications like GitHub Desktop.

Module 2: Unlocking Web Structure with HTML

Module Description: Get hands-on with HTML, the backbone of every website. Structure your web pages, play with tags, create user-friendly forms, and embed engaging media.

Outcome: Develop proficiency in web page structuring, HTML semantics, and accessibility.

Hands-On Project: Create a simple blogging page demonstrating your HTML skills.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), Browser tools for HTML inspection.

Module 3: Crafting Aesthetics with CSS

Module Description: Unleash your creativity with CSS. Style HTML elements, build responsive layouts, and ensure your web pages look stunning on any device.

Outcome: Gain expertise in CSS layouts, responsive designs, and media queries.

Hands-On Project: Design a captivating gallery using various CSS techniques.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), Browser developer tools for CSS inspection.

Module 4: Interactivity with JavaScript

Module Description: Bring your web pages to life with JavaScript. Learn syntax, DOM manipulation, event handling, and asynchronous programming to make your webpages dynamic and engaging.

Outcome: Hone programming skills, master DOM manipulation, handle events, and grasp JavaScript asynchronous operations.

Hands-On Project: Create a calculator to demonstrate JavaScript interactivity.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), Browser developer tools for JavaScript debugging.

Module 5: Responsive Designs using Bootstrap

Module Description: Dive into the world of responsive, mobile-first designs with Bootstrap. Learn to utilize grid systems, components, utilities, and personalize Bootstrap for your needs.

Outcome: Master the creation of responsive layouts and customization of Bootstrap themes.

Hands-On Project: Develop a Travel Blogging Site using Bootstrap.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), Bootstrap library or Bootstrap CDN.

Module 6: Efficient Styling with Tailwind CSS

Module Description: Embrace utility-first CSS with Tailwind. Build responsive, highly customizable designs using low-level utility classes.

Outcome: Excel at building responsive designs and customizing Tailwind CSS.

Hands-On Project: Craft a Discord Clone demonstrating Tailwind's power.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), Tailwind CSS library, PostCSS and Autoprefixer.

Module 7: JavaScript Simplified with jQuery

Module Description: Simplify your JavaScript experience with jQuery. Learn to easily handle events, create captivating animations, and effortlessly manipulate the DOM.

Outcome: Gain proficiency in DOM manipulation, event handling, creating animations, and making AJAX calls using jQuery.

Hands-On Project: Develop a Recipe Sorting tool to practice jQuery.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), jQuery library.

Module 8: Empowering Websites with Google APIs

Module Description: Enhance your websites with the power of Google services. Learn to seamlessly integrate Google Maps, Geolocation, Google Places.

Outcome: Be proficient in integrating Google Maps, using geolocation, and handling API data.

Hands-On Project: Implement Google Maps and Google Drive functionalities into your web development projects.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), Google Cloud Console, various Google APIs.

Module 9: Boosting Engagement with Social Plugins

Module Description: Make your web pages more engaging with social plugins. Learn how to embed social media content, add share and like buttons, and leverage the power of social media to boost user engagement.

Outcome: Master integrating social media content, adding social share and like buttons, and understanding the impact of social media on user engagement.

Hands-On Project: Integrate Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest into a unified social media experience.

Tools Covered: Text editor (like VS Code), various social media platform developer resources, browser tools for testing and debugging.

Module 10: Launching Websites with AWS

Module Description: Become proficient in deploying your websites with AWS. Learn AWS basics, host static websites using the S3 service, and manage your resources effectively and securely.

Outcome: Master deploying applications on AWS, using AWS S3 for hosting, and managing AWS resources.

Hands-On Project: Host a fully functioning website using AWS services.

Tools Covered: AWS Management Console, Amazon S3.

Capstone Project Details: Culinary Canvas - A Gourmet Journey

Project Description: This capstone project allows you to apply and integrate all the knowledge and skills you've acquired throughout the course. In this project, you'll create a dynamic, interactive restaurant website with features like a user-friendly menu system, user reviews, image galleries, and a virtual cart. This project is designed to simulate actual professional web development scenarios, giving you the practical experience that employers look for.

React JS Developer Certification Course

Take your front-end skills to new heights by conquering the landscape of React JS. Build sleek, high-performing web apps using the industry's go-to library. Master the magic of JSX, the power of props and states, and the intricacies of life-cycle methods. Get ready to wow users with incredibly responsive interfaces that scale effortlessly.

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🗓️ 10 Weeks at 10 -12 hours a week

📂 7 Modules

🥷 18 Skills

Module 1: Ignite Your React Journey

Kickstart your journey in the world of React development. In this module, you'll learn how to set up a cutting-edge development environment using Node.js and npm. Get a grip on React's project structure and folder organization to streamline your development process.

Key Skills You'll Gain:

✅ The power to set up a world-class React development environment with Node.js and npm.

✅ The knowledge to navigate through the React project structure like a seasoned developer.

Tools You'll Master:  Node.js, npm (Node Package Manager), npx

Module 2: Dive into React's Heart: Props and State

Master the art of managing data and state in React. Through a hands-on project, you'll learn to use props and state – the two pillars of React – to build dynamic and interactive applications.

Key Skills You'll Gain:

✅ Mastering data flow between components using props.

✅ Effectively managing component states to create responsive user experiences.

Tools You'll Master: React, JavaScript

Hands-On Project:

💻 Dynamic Counter - A complete lesson in Props & State Management

Module 3: Supercharge Your Apps with React Hooks

Explore the power of React hooks to write cleaner, more readable code. Get your hands dirty with a real-world mini application that demonstrates the practical use of props and hooks.

Key Skills You'll Gain:

✅Unleashing the power of hooks in real-world applications.

✅Mastering the useState and useEffect hooks for efficient state and lifecycle management.

Tools You'll Master: React Hooks, JavaScript

Hands-On Projects:

💻 Travel Wish List - Showcasing Interactivity & Component Composition

💻 Course Filter - A journey into API Integration & Conditional Rendering

Module 4: Seamless Navigation with React Forms and Routing

Master the art of creating user-friendly forms and seamless navigation using React Router. This module will equip you with the skills to handle user input using controlled components and create intuitive application navigation.

Key Skills You'll Gain:

✅ Creating responsive forms using controlled components.

✅ Implementing seamless navigation using React Router.

Tools You'll Master: React Hooks, React Router, JavaScript

Hands-On Project:

💻 Route Navigator - Implementing Private Routes & User Authentication

Module 5: Harness Advanced Hooks for Streamlined State Management

Delve deeper into advanced hooks like useContext and useLocation to manage global state effectively and handle routing dynamically.

Key Skills You'll Gain:

✅ Applying useContext for effective global state management.

✅ Harnessing the power of useLocation for dynamic routing.

Tools You'll Master: React, React Context API, JavaScript

Hands-On Project:

💻 BlogSpace - Showcasing Advanced Context Management

Module 6: Transform Your React Apps with Redux

Unleash the power of Redux for state management in your React applications. Learn to set up actions, reducers, and connect components to the Redux store to supercharge your apps.

Key Skills You'll Gain:

✅ Integrating Redux with React for robust application state management.

✅ Mastering the art of creating actions and reducers and connecting your React components to the Redux store.

Tools You'll Master: React, Redux, JavaScript

Hands-On Projects:

💻 Redux Count - A comprehensive introduction to Redux

💻 Advanced State Management with Redux Toolkit

Module 7: Showcasing Your React Mastery: A Project & Deployment

End your react learning journey with an attractive project that demonstrates your newfound React prowess. Plus, learn to deploy your React applications on the internet using GoDaddy for domain registration and Vercel for hosting.

Key Skills You'll Gain:

✅ Building visually stunning, interactive projects using your newly acquired React skills.

✅ Deploying your masterpiece on the internet using GoDaddy and Vercel, making it accessible to users worldwide.

Tools You'll Master: React, GoDaddy, Vercel, JavaScript

Hands-On Project:

💻 GPT Frontend - A showcase of your React journey

Capstone Project Details Rapid Summarizer: Web Content Condenser

This capstone project is your platform to demonstrate and apply the valuable skills you've acquired throughout the course. Here, you'll build an advanced web application capable of extracting, processing, and condensing information from any given URL into a brief summary. This high-demand tool, equipped with a sleek user interface, advanced API interactions, efficient local storage management, and a user-friendly copy-to-clipboard function, offers a real-world application of your learning. The project simulates professional web development scenarios, offering you the much-needed practical experience, enhancing your portfolio, and making you a sought-after candidate in the job market.

Backend Dev with Node.js & MongoDB Certification Course

Venture into the intriguing world of server-side programming. Uncover the secrets of Node.js for server-side applications and MongoDB for managing data. Arm yourself with the skills to craft a robust, fully functioning backend for your web apps. Brace yourself for a thrilling deep dive into the mechanics of server-side development.

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🗓️ 8 Weeks at 10 -12 hours a week

📂 6 Modules

🥷 14 Skills

Module 1: Introduction to Node.js and Express.js

Module Description: Embark on your backend adventure with Node.js and Express.js. Master asynchronous programming and event-driven I/O, unleashing the power of a cutting-edge tech stack.

Outcome: Acquire foundational skills to architect simple yet robust applications.

Hands-On Project: Bring a Task Tracker to life with Node.js

Tools Covered: Node.js, Express.js

Module 2: Building Dynamic Applications - The To-Do List

Module Description: Discover the magic of transforming concepts into a functioning application. Master HTTP protocols, route management, and CRUD operations.

Outcome: Design, develop, and deploy a dynamic To-Do application.

Hands-On Project: Create and Deploy a To-Do App from scratch

Tools Covered: Node.js, Express.js

Module 3: Storytelling with Blogging Platforms

Module Description: Unravel the complexities of middleware and data flow. Learn how to persist data in Node.js applications, adding depth to your applications.

Outcome: Build a full-fledged Blog platform to share stories.

Hands-On Project: The Express.js Blog Platform: Your Canvas to the World

Tools Covered: Node.js, Express.js

Module 4: Fortifying Applications - Secure Authentication

Module Description: Delve into user authentication protocols, encryption, and tokenization. Create secure, unhackable login/signup systems.

Outcome: Secure your applications with advanced authentication mechanisms.

Hands-On Project: Building a Bulletproof Node.js Authentication System

Tools Covered: Node.js, Express.js, bcrypt, JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Module 5: Mastering File Handling

Module Description: Command file operations like never before. Learn to upload files to local servers and cloud-based platforms.

Outcome: Create a powerful file management system, expanding your application's functionality.

Hands-On Project: Node.js File Manager: Leveraging the Power of Cloudinary and Local Servers

Tools Covered: Node.js, fs module, Cloudinary

Module 6: Manipulating Data with MongoDB

Module Description: Tame the NoSQL beast - MongoDB. Master data manipulation with advanced operators and the aggregation pipeline.

Outcome: Acquire proficiency in harnessing MongoDB's full potential, making your applications more robust and data-driven.

Hands-On Project: Build a MongoDB Message Archive: A Modern Digital Time Capsule

Tools Covered: MongoDB

Capstone Project Details: ChatterBox: A Real-Time Full-Stack Communication Odyssey

Project Description: In the capstone project "ChatterBox: A Real-Time Full-Stack Communication Odyssey", you'll craft a robust chat application utilizing Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and Socket.IO. You'll leverage these powerful technologies to handle real-time bi-directional communication, secure user data, and efficiently store and retrieve messages. Upon completion, you'll have a functioning real-time chat application under your belt, serving as a testament to your full-stack development prowess, ready to be showcased in your professional portfolio.

Skills Gained

🚀 Full-Stack Mastery: Seamlessly build and manage modern web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Tailwind.
🧩 React.js for Interactive UI: Develop captivating user interfaces with the industry-favored React.js.
🌐 Backend with Node.js: Master backend development to build robust, data-rich applications.
📚 MongoDB Data Management: Utilize MongoDB for precise data handling and complex queries.
💼 Real-World Capstone Project: Apply skills to build an edtech platform using the MERN stack, showcasing your competence to future employers.
🚁 Deployment with AWS & Vercel: Learn to effortlessly deploy web applications on AWS and Vercel, mastering cloud computing.
🔐 Web Security Essentials: Ensure secure user authentication with bcrypt and JSON web tokens.
🧑‍💻 Team Collaboration with Git: Enhance your team coding capabilities by mastering Git.
🎓 Certification & Portfolio: Boost job prospects with an industry-recognized certification and impressive project portfolio.

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Tools Covered


Capstone Project Details


🚀 Building Your Own EdTech Universe

Imagine: you're at the driver's seat of creating an engaging, immersive EdTech platform using the magic of the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js). It's not just a project; it's a 🎟️ to bring your innovative ideas to life and sharpen your full-stack web development skills.

Your Mission 🕹️:

 🎨 Front-End Fiesta: Harness the power of React.js to shape an interface that's not just functional but visually mesmerizing. Make it responsive, intuitive, make it absolutely yours!

💻 Backend Brilliance: Plunge deep into the heart of your application with Node.js and Express.js. Create APIs, weave logic, manage data interactions - all like a true web wizard.

📊Data Dynamo: Get hands-on with MongoDB to construct and manage your platform's database. Tackle data efficiently, securely, and with absolute finesse.

📊 Deploy & Conquer: Showcase your digital masterpiece to the world using AWS and Vercel. Prove your cloud computing prowess while deploying your application on the web.

🏆 Test & Triumph: Perform rigorous tests on your application to guarantee flawless performance and a top-notch user experience. Troubleshoot like a pro, triumph over the issues, and claim your victory!

Completing this capstone project will catapult you into the web development cosmos with a real-world application to your credit. Step into the thrilling world of full-stack web development, equipped with experience and a portfolio piece that turns heads. The future of EdTech is in your hands! 🌟

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Our experts will also help you understand the expectations of the industry so as to help you prepare your resume better. Process Involved: ✅ Evaluate your resume as a prospective employer ✅ Determining areas that might require additional emphasis ✅ Tips on best resume practices catered to job applications

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These interviews are customised to the roles that you are applying for. Feedback is also provided at the end of the interviews. Process Involved: ✅ A detailed review of the interview ✅ Identifying what you did well and ways to improve ✅ Objective feedback about your competencies in relation to job applications

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📚 American Council on Education (ACE) Endorsed: Our Full-Stack Web Development Microdegree Program aligns with the highest industry standards, curated in partnership with ACE.

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