Android App Development with Kotlin

In this era, there is more engrossment towards android development using google technologies for at least 70%. Most of the Android developers started using Kotlin from the year 2019 after Google I/O. In just this short span of time Kotlin has been admired by most of the users and developers. This is because of its less code in nature and having a greater reliability.

To talk about Kotlin, it supports multi platform development which means that it underpin for backend, web devop, iOS along with Android. So put together we can highlight that it works for cross platforms. This is purely Java oriented. Rather to say, the code is written in Java language. This leads to an extraordinary tool for Java developers. So, we no need to write a separate code for each of it. We can directly migrate the code here.

Another beauty of Kotlin is that it works for Native. Let us take an example to get a clear understanding. It solves the situations where there is no need for an additional runtime or virtual machine. This is for embedded systems or iOS. Some of the platforms where Native supports are- MacOs(x86_64), WatchOS(arm 32), Linux, iOS. Here the compiler creates an Apple framework for swift and C projects.

Next point to come through is Kotlin/JS. Javascript has the ability to work with similar code as that of Java for all the platforms. The current target is ES5. Some of the suggested ways to use Kotlin/Js is via kotlin.js or kotlin.multiplatform gradle plugins. Similarly, we can write scripts for different platforms and also for Frontend web applications. It also has the ability to write server side and serverless applications using Kotlin/Js.

So. To get started with Kotlin, we should first have a 20% knowledge of using Android Studio. There is no separate tool or application to build an app using Kotlin. All the applications can be built in Android Studio only with some extra plugins installed. After installing the Studio, we need to make sure that we install Kotlin plugins and virtual emulators of our choice. Now, if we see the sample code on screen, we can get that it is written in Java language. Developers can now easily change the code for their need and extend the application further.

As Kotlin is in boom, all the mobile developers can easily make use of it and get their best applications with an ease, less code, and same script. So, to summarize, the benefits of Kotlin are: Mature language and Environment, Easy learning, Code safety and Cross platform.

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