Cyber Attacks : A Glimpse

With the advent of the internet, connectivity between lands went on increasing. People started coming closer to one another. Increased data flow across the internet demanded the creation of modern internet infrastructure. Usage of computers, data, and the internet increased exponentially with time. And as every movie has a villain, so does this one. Looking at the enormous data flow on the internet, few evil wishers tried to steal this information-information theft. Though all of this did not start with bad intentions, it did end in doing so. Such malicious activity with a sense of theft is also referred to as cybercrime or computer-oriented crime. These types of activities are generally carried out effectively with the help of high-ended computer systems.

The first-ever cyber-attack came into existence with good intentions but resulted in unexpected consequences. This was carried out by a Cornell University graduate student named Robert Tappan Morris. Intending to assess the size of the internet, he developed a program that damaged 6000 computers that accounted for almost 10% of the internet at that time. In doing so, he had devised a worm which was later named after him, The Morris Worm. With this, a strong foundation for intensified cyber-attacks was laid. History is evidence for proving that the attacks after this were intensified (qualitatively) and frequent (quantitatively). As far as the quantity of cyberattacks is concerned, the following figure caters to provide a clear picture.

From the above figure, it can be seen how quickly and exponentially the number of attacks increased. Now let's put light on the qualitative aspect of cyber-attacks (cybersecurity breaches).

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