How Are Brains Different From Computer

The brain is a very complex organ located in the skull of the human body that even scientists are yet to uncover its full potentials. Meanwhile, has it ever come to mind the strength of some technological advancement lately, like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics, etc. these advancements are so overwhelming and we feel they might replace the human work power soon; all of these technologies are products of computers.

This article talks about the brain and how it is different from a computer.

As we all know, the brain is serving as the control centre of the body, it regulates all processes that occur in the living system. It performs various functions such as perception, cognition, memory, emotion, and action. The brain consists of billions of nerve cells called neurons which enable information to be transmitted from the sensory organs to the brain and back to the organs.

In contrast, a computer is an electronic device that manipulates data or information which is usually stored, retrieved, or processed. They are of different types but all computers have hardware and software in common. The hardware is the physical part of the computer that includes a mouse, keyboard, and speaker e t c while the software is a set of instructions that instructs the hardware on what to do and how to do it.

Brains and computers are similar in terms of transmitting and processing information, both have memory, also have evolved over the years, are capable of performing logical tasks, and they need the energy to function

Meanwhile, there are some differences between the brain and computer and they include

The brain uses chemical signals to transmit information; this is mediated via nerve cells called neurons which are in opposition to computers that use electricity.

Talking of ease to learn new things, the brain is faster in learning better than a computer, but the computer is better with Multi-tasking than the brain (i.e. doing many complex things at the same time)

Glucose and oxygen are mostly utilized by the brain for energy, unlike the computer that requires electricity. Furthermore, brains are not attacked by viruses or malware which are prune to computers.

The brain is dynamic, more than that of a computer; the brain is always changing and being modified due to a consistent change in environment and other external factors, unlike a computer that only changes when new software or hardware is introduced to it.

The brain is much bigger and complex than any computer capable of invention/ imagination, where it is capable of generating ideas and new concepts; on the other hand, the computer is better at handling logical operations.

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