Sixth Sense Technology

Humanly existing the sixth sense is a combination of all sense organs to form a very strong power capable of right or wrong perception and helps to build confidence when we desire to make decisions. Similarly, from tech point of view the sixth sense augment the physical environment around us with discrete information utilizing wearable gestural interface so that normal hand gestures can perform tasks with the information. The sixth sense technology is a combination of various outstanding technology used to superimpose discrete world to real world. Its workability is based on the idea of augmented reality with associated techs manipulation, image capturing, processing, gesture detection and recognition. Sixth sense is a way of receiving information more available to our physical environment. Which is to say there are other dimensions that can now give information and make it look like it’s the physical world. Sixth sense technology will help to open up the limitation of our dimension into the digital dimension so that information availability will be very vast and ready for us to perform any kind of task. The interfaces created for the human senses to interact with the digital world are tablets, phones, computers, net books, laptops, PDAs, music players, etc. Since this is the case, it can be agreed that humans need to learn how to interact with the digital world to enable us connect efficiently to the real world.

Importance of Sixth Sense Technology

Data acquisition for humans is achieved through the sense organs but the gathered information is not sufficient enough to provide good decisions. And so expanding the data acquiring scope by connecting devices with interface to the internet will help to increase information availability size. This technology can be widely utilized for artificial intelligence and capable of synergizing humans with bots.

Workability of Sixth Sense Technology

The sixth sense technology utilizes various technologies like image processing, gesture detection and recognition. It is designed with readily available tools like mobile components, camera, pocket projector etc. The project exerts visual image on a book, table or even the palm of a hand so that every details of the world can be seen on the screen. When users make hand motions, it creates various movement and these movements are captured by camera. The camera and projector are embedded in the computing device in the pocket of the user. Computer vision method is applied for detection and recognition. Then a software program is used to facilitate video stream data and translate movements to gestures. Commands are given to the various kinds of gestures as they perform input functions which will be projected. For compactness, the projector is positioned downwards so that projections will be made on the user’s feet but if mirrors are utilized, it will form the images in front.


Photo Capture

If the fingers are positioned in form of a box to look like a frame it can take pictures so that even a gizmo is not needed.

Easy book access

You can access any book of your choice and check the book ratings before you buy. Interestingly, it has the functionality to read the book to your listening.

Fingers as brush

Drawings using paint can be performed using fingers so that mouse will not be needed. The drawings can be made to be 3D.

Dialer on the palm

The dialer is projected on one palm so that the other hand performs dialing of the number. This technology aids the user to dial without a dialer.


A watch will be projected on the hand of the user by performing a gesture of clock.

Newspaper video display

This technology identifies news headlines and projects the important ones.

In conclusion, this technology has amazing applications which is why it can be used to carry out easy control over industrial machineries as well as its capable of replacing the 5th sense used by those who are handicapped. Application developers will be able to create based on their ideas especially as it is open source.

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