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All You Need To Know About Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship software company that started operating in the late 90s, 1999 to be precise, in San Francisco, California, USA.

It focused on a complementary suite of enterprise applications on customer service, analytics, application development, and marketing automation and provides integrated "customers relationship management (CRM)" platform that gives all departments — including sales, service, commerce, and marketing committed to improving equality, education, and environment for everyone that calls for the vast and growing need for a certified software engineer developer, including Java developer, who possess skills in Java-based services, relational database management, oriented analysis and designing, XML, X Query, XSL, Test Driven Development(TDD), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). However, when a salesforce developer creates an object, some of the features get automatically associated with the project APIs support, mobile access via the salesforce platform, and Salesforce, which has the biggest app market in the world – AppExchange.

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developer programmer specializes in using Apex programming languages and Lighting to design, develop, and implement solutions within the Salesforce platform to create customized applications, optimize or build a database analyzing customers' needs, and improve existing one's design.

A Salesforce Developer doesn't need to work for Salesforce, but it's required for S/he as a salesforce developer to understand how Salesforce works, couples with experience in the Salesforce platform. The developer may be hired by a client/customer as an in-house developer who happens to be skilled at working with Salesforce. These developers use tools such as Visualforce, Apex, and Lightning framework to:

  1. Creating a customized application and improving an existing one.

  2. Optimizing or building a database.

  3. Advocating for suitable technical solutions and analyzing customer needs.

  4. Writing functional and technical documentation.

  5. Keeping up with changes in Salesforce tools and software products and automating business tasks.

Not only that, but also support customers and companies anytime/any day using various types of clouds to deliver top-notch services; the clouds include:

Sales Cloud: use in driving sales, sell smarter, and faster with the world's #1 CRM solutions.

Service Cloud: use in servicing customers efficiently.

Platform: IOS Apps (development of salesforce app), i.e., development of counting app used by companies to run sales, and at the same time counting in the same platform.

Marketing Cloud: the creation of one-to-one customer journeys across the customer's lifecycle (administrator).

Commerce Cloud: Personalized online and in-store shopping experiences.

App Cloud: Building top-notch and fast business apps.

Einstein Analytics: use in getting analytics on any data from any device.

Community Cloud: Reimagine customers, partners, and employees engagement.

IoT Cloud: Rethink the internet of a thing.

End-users companies that use these developments by salesforce developers include Spotify, T-Mobile, Aldo, Amazon, American Red Cross, US Bank, etc. Consulting companies include Deloitte, Accenture, CRM Science, Magnet 360, etc.

Salesforce developer also works for independent software vendors (ISVs) that develop apps on the Salesforce platform.

51% of salesforce developers work for companies that use Salesforce (i.e., T-Moblie), 40% work for Salesforce consulting companies (i.e., Accenture). Those that work for consulting companies play major roles in

  1. Improving/implementing customization, which could be the sales cloud or service cloud.

  2. Fixing bugs of the customization could be sales/service clouds, which are previously implemented or built.

  3. Tier 3 supports salesforce users, i.e., helps understand if a system is attacked by a bug or requires a product improvement. If T1, T2 can't provide solutions, T3 support with a higher level of experience will support and give instructions.

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