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React Front-End Expertise: Interactive & Responsive UI Design

React Front-End Expertise: Interactive & Responsive UI Design

React Front-End Expertise: Interactive & Responsive UI Design


Career 💼 Prep Services including Mock Interviews, Resume Help, Portfolio Setup, Interview Prep & Job Listings and a bonus 💰 elective course on Node.js & MongoDB.

⚡ Certification Course - Earn a career credential that demonstrates your expertise

Unleash the power of React and revolutionize the way you build web applications with 'React Front-End Expertise: Interactive & Responsive UI Design.' In just 14 weeks, dive into the heart of React, mastering its essentials and beyond. From crafting dynamic user interfaces to harnessing state management with Redux, this course covers it all through engaging, hands-on projects. You'll learn to implement testing best practices, ensuring robust and reliable apps. By journey's end, you'll emerge fully equipped to navigate the modern web development landscape, ready to create cutting-edge web applications with confidence. Transform your front-end skills and set the stage for a thriving career in web development with this comprehensive React course.

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14 Weeks

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USP of University of Emerging Technologies Certification Courses

Key Highlights

📂 360° Skill Development: Master React with our comprehensive curriculum, covering everything from fundamental concepts, advanced hooks, state management with Redux, to real-world application deployment.

📈 Expert-Led Instruction: Learn from industry veterans providing personalized guidance, helping you acquire and apply your React knowledge effectively.

👥 1:1 Doubt Clearance: Avail dedicated support via our LMS or Skype for prompt and thorough resolution of all your queries and doubts.

🏢 Industry-Recognized Certification: Earn a globally recognized certificate that attests to your comprehensive React knowledge and boosts your professional credibility.

💻 Hands-on Experience: Implement your learning through a variety of real-world projects, deepening your understanding of React and its practical applications.

💼 Career Services: Leverage our career support services including resume reviews and interview preparation, to become job-ready.

♾️ Lifetime Access to Course Material: Enjoy perpetual access to all course materials, updates, and resources, to keep pace with the ever-evolving tech industry.

🏪 Flexible Learning: Pursue the course at your own pace with our flexible online learning platform, making your learning journey adaptable to your lifestyle.

🚀 Four Stellar Reasons to Enroll in Our React JS Course Today! 🚀

High Demand, High Salary

Specialize in React for high-paying roles at tech giants like Facebook and Airbnb, with salaries reaching up to $135,000.

Future-proof Career

Master React to create interactive and responsive UIs, a skillset critical for modern web development.

Top Companies are Hiring

Secure opportunities at leading firms such as Uber and Shopify, prioritizing React skills for dynamic front-end projects.

Potential Job Titles

Aim for titles like React Developer and UI/UX Engineer, shaping the future of interactive web experiences.

Skills Gained

✔️ Understanding React Framework Fundamentals: Learners will grasp the foundational concepts, architecture, and core principles of React.

✔️ Applying React Components and State Management: Learners will utilize React components, manage state effectively, and handle props to construct dynamic user interfaces.

✔️ Analyzing React Code Structures: Learners will break down and understand React code, focusing on component hierarchies, data flow, and lifecycle methods.

✔️ Designing Interactive User Interfaces with React: Learners will create responsive and interactive user interfaces, integrating various React features and techniques.

✔️ Implementing Advanced Routing and Form Handling: Learners will develop solutions for complex web application requirements using React Router and advanced form handling.

✔️ Managing Application State with Redux: Learners will incorporate Redux and Redux Toolkit for sophisticated state management in React applications.

✔️ Developing Comprehensive Web Applications: Learners will build full-scale, functional web applications that leverage React’s capabilities, including API integration and state management.

✔️ Testing and Debugging in React Environments: Learners will conduct testing using tools like Jest and the React Testing Library, and apply debugging techniques to ensure application reliability.

✔️ Deploying React Applications: Learners will deploy React applications to hosting platforms, understanding the process and challenges of real-world deployments.

✔️ Problem-Solving in React Development: Learners will use problem-solving skills to address and overcome challenges encountered during React development.

✔️ Project Management and Team Collaboration: Learners will effectively manage React projects, demonstrating skills in teamwork, collaboration, and project planning.

✔️ Synthesizing Skills in Capstone Project:  Learners will integrate and synthesize all learned skills in a comprehensive capstone project, showcasing the ability to develop and launch a React-based application.

⚡ Curriculum Designed by Experts - 8 Module Series

Module 1: Getting Started with React

  • First Steps: Dive into React, setting up with Node.js and npm.

  • Project: Launch a simple React app.

  • Toolkit: Node.js, npm, React basics.

Module 2: Dive into React's Heart: Props and State

  • Data Dynamics: Command props and state for interactive UIs.

  • Project: Build a Dynamic Counter app.

  • Toolkit: React components, state management.

Module 3: Supercharge Your Apps with React Hooks

  • Hooked on React: Unlock the simplicity of useState and useEffect.

  • Projects: Create a Travel Wish List and Course Filter app.

  • Toolkit: React Hooks, functional components.

Module 4: Seamless Navigation with React Forms and Routing

  • Seamless User Experiences: Master React forms and routing.

  • Project: Implement a Route Navigator with authentication.

  • Toolkit: Controlled components, React Router.

Capstone Project Details

Capstone Project Details

Enhancing Knowledge Management at InfoPulse Tech: Building a Web Content Summarizer

You are a junior web developer at InfoPulse Tech, a leading technology solutions company. The company has identified a need for an internal tool to improve knowledge management and efficiency. Your task is to develop a web content summarizer application that will help employees quickly digest and understand long articles, research papers, and reports available online. This tool will be a key part of the company's new initiative to enhance learning and information sharing among its teams. Click here to view details. 


From Learning to Earning: We're with You Every Step of the Way!

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Career Counselling

Unlock your ideal career path with guidance from our experts, who tailor opportunities to your unique interests.

Process Involved: 

✔️ Assessing your strengths and pinpointing areas for growth to align with your career aspirations.

✔️ Setting strategic goals to enhance your employability and achieve optimal career outcomes.

Resume Review

Our experts will also help you understand the expectations of the industry so as to help you prepare your resume better.

Process Involved:
✔️ Evaluate your resume as a prospective employer
✔️ Determining areas that might require additional emphasis
✔️ Tips on best resume practices catered to job applications

Interview Preparation

These interviews are customised to the roles that you are applying for. Feedback is also provided at the end of the interviews.

Process Involved:
✔️ A detailed review of the interview
✔️ Identifying what you did well and ways to improve
✔️ Objective feedback about your competencies in relation to job applications

Fee Structure of University of Emerging Technologies

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What do you get?

✅ One-on-One Mentorship: Get personalized guidance from industry professionals.

Hands-on Training: Learn through practical modules and real-world projects.

Resume Building Support: Enhance your professional profile with our dedicated assistance

Mock Interviews: Practice and prepare for job interviews with expert feedback

Access to Job Listings: Explore new opportunities with exclusive access to listings.

Internship Opportunity: Qualify for potential internships with our Corporate Partners

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Read Success Stories

William Carter

William Carter

The React course has been a game-changer for my UI design skills. Highly interactive and up-to-date.

Mia Perez

Mia Perez

Thanks to this course, I can now build responsive and interactive UIs with confidence. The instructors were great.

Olivia Rodriguez

Olivia Rodriguez

A deep dive into React that has prepared me for professional front-end development. The projects were very relevant.

Hear from our Learners

VideoTestimonial by Successful UET Alumni

Rebecca Thomas

Meet Rebecca James, a proud UET alumni and successful web developer. She completed her Web Development Certification course at UET and has since built an impressive portfolio. Now, Rebecca has returned to share her wisdom with our community. In this exclusive tutorial video, she provides insightful tips and shares her unique journey to inspire current and prospective students. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of our accomplished alumni. Check out Rebecca's tutorial video now!

VideoTestimonial by Successful UET Alumni

Wallace Mecha

We are excited to share the success story of one of our alumni, Wallace Mecha, a Full Stack Development Certification Course graduate. Wallace's dedication and hard work during his time at UET has led him to land an exciting part-time role in his desired field. His achievement stands as a testament to UET's commitment to guiding students towards their career goals. Join us in celebrating Wallace's success and get inspired for your own journey. Start your Full Stack development journey with UET today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

❓What qualifications do the instructors for this React course have? ⚡Our instructors are industry professionals with extensive experience in React and front-end development, bringing firsthand knowledge of current trends and best practices to the classroom. ❓How many hours per week do I need to commit? ⚡While our courses are self-paced to fit your schedule, we recommend dedicating 10-15 hours a week. This ensures steady progress and maximizes your learning experience. ❓What kind of support will I receive during this course? ⚡You'll benefit from 1:1 support by an academic enabler, comprehensive career preparation including resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, and mock interview sessions to ensure you are fully prepared for the job market. ❓How many projects will I work on? ⚡The course includes several hands-on projects that apply key React concepts, culminating in a major capstone project where you'll develop a web application, providing you with practical experience and a showcase piece for your portfolio. ❓Will completing this course help me with my career? ⚡Absolutely. This course is designed to equip you with in-demand React skills, preparing you for roles such as React Developer, Front-End Developer, and Full Stack Developer with React proficiency. ❓What is the refund policy? ⚡We offer a 2-day no-questions-asked refund policy, giving you a risk-free opportunity to assess the course's fit for your learning goals. ❓How will this course help me improve my LinkedIn profile? ⚡Career prep support includes guidance on optimizing your LinkedIn profile to highlight your new React skills, projects, and certificate, making your profile more attractive to recruiters and potential employers. ❓What type of roles and salary can I expect after completing the course? ⚡Graduates can pursue roles such as React Developer, UI/UX Designer, or Front-End Developer. Salaries vary widely by location and experience but can range from $60,000 to over $120,000 annually for skilled React developers. ❓Do I need prior experience to enroll in this course? ⚡A solid understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (ES6+) is required. Familiarity with web application architecture and a strong analytical mindset will also help you succeed in this course. ❓Will I receive a certificate after completing the course? ⚡Yes, upon achieving an overall score of 80% or higher, you will be awarded a certificate, demonstrating your proficiency in React and enhancing your professional credibility. ❓Can you tell me more about the capstone project? ⚡The capstone project, "Rapid Summarizer: Web Content Condenser," involves applying your React skills to develop a comprehensive application that summarizes web content, showcasing your ability to design, develop, and deploy interactive web solutions. ❓How long is the course, and what format does it follow? ⚡The course spans 182 hours over 14 weeks, delivered online through a mix of live and recorded sessions, providing flexibility while ensuring comprehensive coverage of React development concepts.

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*Please note: We're committed to providing the best, most relevant education. That means the specifics of our course content, included projects, and the capstone project may vary as we continually update and improve the course. However, the core learning experience and objectives will always remain top-notch and comprehensive.

Learner Support at University of Emerging Technologies

 UET Support

*Please note that for the purpose of training and maintaining high-quality service, all phone and WhatsApp conversations may be recorded. We appreciate your understanding.

*If we are not immediately available to answer your call or respond to your message, it is deemed that we have your consent to contact you later in response. We appreciate your patience and look forward to assisting you.

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