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Get Job-Ready with Our 2024-25
Online Internship Opportunities

Explore our wide selection of online job-ready internships featuring globally recognized certificates accepted by universities, colleges, and companies worldwide.

✔️ Choose from flexible internship durations ranging from 1 Months to 3 Months.

✔️ Upon completion, you will receive two certificates: an Internship Certificate and a Course Completion Certificate

✔️ Learn conveniently anytime, anywhere.

How our Internship Programs work


Choose Your Desired Virtual Internship

Start by selecting the virtual internship opportunity that catches your interest. Complete our free online screening to see if you qualify for the internship you desire. No prior experience is necessary.


Start Your Internship

Join a cohort and embark on your learning journey. You will receive a course completion certificate, an Internship Certificate, and potentially a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) based on your performance.


Grow Your Career

We provide comprehensive training, involving you in real-life projects to hone your skills. Our program also includes support in building impactful projects and guidance on acing job interviews with your dream companies.

Fan Cheering

All are Welcome!

We believe in potential, not just past achievements. We invite everyone, regardless of their background, education, job history, or current skills, to explore this opportunity. It's your ability to grow and learn that counts here!


Discover Online Virtual Internship Opportunities for All Students, Graduates, Freshers, and Working Professionals

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners
Hoap Health Our Corporate Partner

Fable Stable

Successful UET Alumni Employer
Successful UET Alumni Employer

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Who is eligible to apply for these internships? ⚡ Our internships are open to anyone eager to learn and advance professionally. Please refer to specific pages for any unique requirements pertinent to each internship. ❓ What types of internships do you offer? 🌐 We provide a diverse array of internships in fields such as Web Development, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and many more. Each program is tailored to develop specific skills and provide substantial real-world experience. ❓ Is there a fee for these programs? 💸 While there is a nominal fee to cover training costs, the investment is minimal compared to the comprehensive benefits provided, including post-internship paid opportunities, 1:1 support, and career preparation assistance. ❓ How long do these internships last? ⏳ Our internships typically range from 1 to 3 months. You can find specific duration details on the individual internship pages. ❓ Can international students apply? 🌍 Absolutely! We welcome international applicants for our remote internships. Any requirements for physical presence are clearly specified on the relevant internship pages. ❓ What does the application process involve? 📝 The application typically includes an initial form submission, a screening phase, and potentially an interview. Specific steps are detailed on each internship’s application page. ❓ What qualifications do I need to apply? 🎓 Some internships may require specific skills or academic backgrounds, while others are open to all enthusiastic learners. Please check the prerequisites listed on the page of the internship you are interested in. ❓ What will I gain from participating in these internships? 🚀 Participants will gain hands-on experience, develop industry-relevant skills, receive expert mentoring, and earn certificates upon completion. Outstanding performers may receive letters of recommendation, opportunities to mentor future interns, or positions with our corporate partners. ❓ How are the internships delivered? 🖥️ Most internships are offered remotely, allowing you to participate from anywhere. Some opportunities may be available in hybrid or in-person formats, as noted on specific internship pages. ❓ Can I apply for multiple internships simultaneously? ✅ Yes, you are welcome to apply for more than one internship if you meet their individual requirements. Consider your capacity to manage multiple commitments effectively. ❓ What support is available during the internships? 🔧 We provide continuous support through mentorship, regular feedback sessions, and access to resources that aid your learning and project work, ensuring a productive and enriching experience. ❓ Are there opportunities for employment after the internship? 🚀 Yes, successful interns may have opportunities to transition into part-time or full-time roles within our network, including placements with our corporate partners, depending on performance and openings.

From Training to Career: We've Got Your Back!

Included with Every Internship Program

Career Counselling

Navigate your career path with personalized counseling from our experts who align your goals with market demands

Key Benefits:

✔️ Personalized assessments to discover your unique strengths.
✔️ Custom goal setting to map out your successful career path.

Resume & Interview Prep

Enhance your marketability with expertly tailored resume feedback and focused interview training.

Services Include:

✔️ 1:1 resume evaluations from an employer’s perspective.
✔️ Actionable tips tailored to the specifics of your job market.

Manage Projects with JIRA

Gain practical skills in project management using JIRA, enhancing your efficiency and employability.

JIRA Essentials:
✔️ Core JIRA functionalities tutorial.
✔️ Real-world project applications.

University of Emerging Technologies Student Support

 UET Support

*Please note that for the purpose of training and maintaining high-quality service, all phone and WhatsApp conversations may be recorded. We appreciate your understanding.

*If we are not immediately available to answer your call or respond to your message, it is deemed that we have your consent to contact you later in response. We appreciate your patience and look forward to assisting you.

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