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American Council on Education Approved Microdegree Programs at University of Emerging Technologies

DevOps Engineer Microdegree Program

DevOps Engineer Microdegree Program

Step into the realm of continuous integration and deployment with UET's DevOps Engineer Microdegree Program.

✔️ Automate & Innovate: Master AWS, Linux, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, AWS, Terraform, Prometheus, and Grafana in real-world scenarios. 

✔️ Career Accelerator: Earn 3 credits and a 💰 bonus elective on Website Development. 

✔️ Comprehensive Tool Mastery: Dive deep into the essential DevOps toolkit, from containerization with Docker to infrastructure as code with Terraform, monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana, and managing services on AWS. 

✔️ Expert-Led Growth: Personalized mentorship to navigate your career path in DevOps. 

Forge your path in DevOps with UET. Begin your journey to becoming an engineering marvel today!

90 hours

Instruction Hours

29th July'24

Cohort Starts

3 UD

Credit Hours


Mentor Support

360 Degree

Career Support

USP of Enrolling in UET's Microdegree Program

Key Highlights

✔️ Comprehensive Curriculum: This program combines essential courses like Cloud Mastery with AWS, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Pipelines, Kubernetes in Action, and a Capstone Project for a full-spectrum DevOps education. 

✔️ Expert-Led Instruction: Learn directly from DevOps experts who provide in-depth knowledge and personalized guidance throughout your journey. 

✔️ 1:1 Doubt Clearance: Get individualized support to clear up any uncertainties or questions, ensuring a smooth learning experience. 

✔️ Industry-Recognized Certification: Acquire a Microdegree that validates your DevOps skills and opens doors to career opportunities in the tech industry. 

✔️ Hands-on Experience: Apply what you learn in real-world scenarios with access to cutting-edge tools and platforms like Jenkins, Docker, and the AWS Cloud. 

✔️ 360° Career Services: Access comprehensive career support, including guidance on building a professional portfolio that stands out to employers. 

✔️ College Credit-Eligible: This program is recognized for college credit transfers, offering an additional advantage to your professional and academic development.

✔️ Lifetime Access to Course Material: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of DevOps with lifetime access to continuously updated course content. 

✔️ Flexible Learning: Our flexible online platform allows you to integrate your DevOps education into your busy life, learning at the pace that works best for you.

Mastering Continuous Evolution: A DevOps Adventure

High Demand, High Salary

Equip yourself for roles in the fast-growing field of DevOps, with potential salaries up to $120,000+ for experienced professionals.

Future-proof Career

DevOps is critical in achieving high-speed software delivery and operational efficiency, a skillset essential for modern tech ecosystems.

Top Companies are Hiring

Leading tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix seek skilled DevOps engineers to optimize their development cycles.

Potential Job Titles

Launch your career as a DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, or Automation Architect.

Tools & Tech Covered

Skills Gained

✔️ Comprehensive DevOps Fundamentals: Begin your journey with a deep dive into the essentials of DevOps culture, practices, and methodologies, setting the stage for a transformative career.

✔️ Capstone Project - Real-World Application: Your opportunity to shine comes with the Capstone Project, where you'll apply everything you've learned to solve practical challenges, demonstrating your prowess in streamlining development and operations.

✔️ Master Automation and CI/CD Pipelines: Gain expertise in automating software development processes and creating continuous integration/continuous deployment pipelines, ensuring faster, more reliable releases.

✔️ Containerization and Orchestration: Delve into Docker and Kubernetes, mastering the art of containerization and orchestration to scale applications seamlessly across environments.

✔️ Cloud Mastery: Elevate your skillset with hands-on experience in cloud platforms like AWS, learning to deploy and manage scalable, highly available systems in the cloud.

✔️ Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Learn to manage and provision infrastructure through code, enhancing efficiency and reducing the potential for human error.

✔️ Career Launchpad: Our dedicated career preparation goes beyond technical skills, equipping you with the tools for resume building, interview preparation, and job search strategies, ensuring you're not just ready but excited to embark on your DevOps career.

✔️ Demonstrate Your Expertise: The Capstone Project isn't just the culmination of your learning; it's a showcase of your ability to innovate and implement DevOps practices in real-world scenarios, marking your transition from student to DevOps engineer.

From Classroom to Career: We've Got Your Back!

Learn more about UET's Career Services

Career Counselling

Unlock your ideal career path with guidance from our experts, who tailor opportunities to your unique interests.

Process Involved: 

✔️ Assessing your strengths and pinpointing areas for growth to align with your career aspirations.

✔️ Setting strategic goals to enhance your employability and achieve optimal career outcomes.

Resume Review

Our experts will also help you understand the expectations of the industry so as to help you prepare your resume better.

Process Involved:
✔️ Evaluate your resume as a prospective employer
✔️ Determining areas that might require additional emphasis
✔️ Tips on best resume practices catered to job applications

Interview Preparation

These interviews are customised to the roles that you are applying for. Feedback is also provided at the end of the interviews.

Process Involved:
✔️ A detailed review of the interview
✔️ Identifying what you did well and ways to improve
✔️ Objective feedback about your competencies in relation to job applications

From Courses to College Credits: Your Gateway to Success!

Learn more about UET's Credit Eligible Microdegree Program

Earn a Microdegree

Each Microdegree is a carefully curated blend of diverse but related courses, ensuring you acquire a broad set of skills that today's employers value.

Get College Credits

When you complete a Microdegree, you don't just receive a certificate; you earn academic credits approved by the American Council on Education (ACE), a remarkable addition to your educational portfolio.

Transfer the Credits

The credits earned may be transferred to other degree programs, making UET Microdegrees a stepping stone towards your degree aspirations. More than 1500 colleges in the US accept ACE credits. 

Your Journey to Credibility with UET and Credly 🎖️🚀

Credly is UET's Digital Credentials Partner
DevOps Engineer Microdegree Program

📚 American Council on Education (ACE) Endorsed: Our Microdegree Programs align with the highest industry standards, curated in partnership with ACE.

💻 Credly Certified: As we are partnered with Credly, a global leader in digital credential services, upon successful completion, you'll receive your certificate and official ACE transcript digitally.

🌐 Globally Recognized: Your digital certificate and transcript, backed by ACE, attest to your expertise and commitment, making them respected assets worldwide.

🔗 Shareable Accomplishment: Your digital certificate, which is more than just a paper credential, can be shared across professional networks like LinkedIn, making your accomplishments visible to potential employers.

🎯 Visible, Verifiable, Valuable: Our digital badges offer a modern way to illustrate and validate your hard-earned skills and knowledge.

Earn High Paying Jobs and College Credits by enrolling in UET

Invest in your future today!

What do you get?

8 Months Lab Access: Real-world DevOps training in a professional lab setting. 

3 Academic Credits: Earn ACE-recognized credits for your DevOps expertise.

300+ Hours of Content: Extensive learning on DevOps tools and practices. 

One-on-One Mentorship: Personalized guidance from DevOps professionals. 

Resume Building Support: Expert help to showcase your DevOps skills. 

Internship Opportunities: Qualify for potential internships with our Corporate Partners.

Your Investment

With College Credits



save $300

Without College Credits



save $500

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