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Mastering Jenkins: From Setup to CI/CD Excellence

Mastering Jenkins: From Setup to CI/CD Excellence

Mastering Jenkins: From Setup to CI/CD Excellence


Career 💼 Prep Services including Mock Interviews, Resume Help, Portfolio Setup, Interview Prep & Job Listings and a bonus 💰 elective course on Git & Github.

⚡ Certification Course - Earn a career credential that demonstrates your expertise

The course offers an exhilarating journey into the world of Jenkins, the powerhouse of automation for continuous integration and delivery. Starting with the basics, students will quickly move into configuring complex Jenkins environments, mastering build automation, and leveraging advanced features for scalability and security. Through engaging practical exercises and a dynamic capstone project, the curriculum is designed to transform participants into Jenkins experts. By the end of the course, students will possess the comprehensive skills necessary to drive DevOps processes efficiently, positioning themselves as invaluable assets in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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USP of University of Emerging Technologies Certification Courses

Key Highlights

🔧 Full-Spectrum Jenkins Training: From basic setup to advanced CI/CD pipelines, master Jenkins through a comprehensive curriculum tailored for real-world application.

👨‍🏫 Industry Expert Instructors: Gain insights from top Jenkins professionals, bringing real-life experience into engaging, practical lessons.

🤝 Targeted Mentorship: Receive personalized guidance from dedicated mentors, available through an advanced LMS or virtual communication tools to enhance your learning experience.

🏅 Certified Jenkins Expertise: Complete the course with a recognized certification, validating your skills in Jenkins automation for potential employers.

💻 Hands-On Projects: Tackle practical projects that simulate real-world Jenkins challenges, from configuring servers to deploying complex applications.

💼 Career Services: Access resume reviews, interview prep, and job placement support to smoothly transition into a DevOps role.

♾️ Lifetime Access: Maintain lifelong access to updated course materials, ensuring you stay at the forefront of Jenkins technology.

🏪 Flexible Learning Options: Learn at your own pace with a state-of-the-art online platform supporting both live and recorded sessions.

🚀 Four Stellar Reasons to Enroll in Mastering Jenkins: From Setup to CI/CD Excellence Course Today!

High Demand, High Salary

Expert Jenkins engineers command salaries over $120,000 for optimizing software processes.

Future-proof Career

Enhance your career longevity with specialized skills in Jenkins and CI/CD, essential in the fast-paced technology sector.

Top Companies are Hiring

Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are on the lookout for proficient Jenkins professionals to optimize their development pipelines.

Potential Job Titles

Advance into high-impact roles such as DevOps Engineer, CI/CD Architect, or Automation Lead

Skills Gained

✔️ Jenkins Setup and Configuration: Gain a solid understanding of setting up and configuring Jenkins, including system settings and security configurations for optimal operation. 

✔️ Advanced Jenkins Job Management: Develop proficiency in managing complex Jenkins jobs, utilizing advanced features like parameterized builds, build triggers, and pipeline scripting to automate workflows. 

✔️ CI/CD Pipeline Construction: Master the creation and management of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines, using Jenkins to automate the software release process. 

✔️ Plugin Integration and Management: Learn how to extend Jenkins functionality with plugins, enhancing tool capabilities and integrating with other CI/CD tools. 

✔️ Scalability and Performance Tuning: Explore strategies to scale Jenkins for large-scale projects and optimize its performance for handling multiple builds and deployments. 

✔️ Security Practices in Jenkins: Acquire skills in securing a Jenkins environment, implementing role-based access control, and managing credentials and secrets safely. 

✔️ Monitoring and Analytics: Understand how to monitor Jenkins operations using internal and external tools to maintain stability and optimize build times. 

✔️ Automated Testing Integration: Master integrating automated testing frameworks within Jenkins to ensure code quality and stability before deployment. 

✔️ Real-World DevOps Implementation: Apply your Jenkins skills to real-world DevOps scenarios, focusing on improving development pipelines and enhancing collaboration between development and operations teams.

⚡ Curriculum Designed by Experts - 12 Module Series

Module 3: Mastering Jenkins Jobs and Dashboard Management

  • Dashboard and Job Control: Learn how to manage and optimize Jenkins jobs and dashboards for efficient monitoring. 

  • Project: Create and manage multiple Jenkins jobs; customize the Jenkins dashboard.

  • Toolkit: Jenkins job configurations, dashboard customization tools.

Module 10: Advanced Jenkins Operations and Monitoring

  • Monitoring Jenkins: Implement monitoring and logging to maintain and troubleshoot Jenkins operations. 

  • Project: Set up advanced monitoring and alerting mechanisms. 

  • Toolkit: Logging tools, real-time monitoring plugins

Module 8: Optimizing Jenkins for Advanced Build Management

  • Optimizing Build Processes: Enhance Jenkins for high-efficiency build management and automation. 

  • Project: Optimize build processes using advanced Jenkins features. 

  • Toolkit: Build optimization tools, pipeline enhancements.

Module 11: Strategic Job Management in Jenkins

  • Strategic Job Planning: Employ strategic job management techniques to streamline operations and resource allocation. 

  • Project: Develop and manage a strategy for job execution that optimizes resource use. 

  • Toolkit: Resource management tools, job scheduling techniques.

Capstone Project Details

Capstone Project Details

Web Innovate's CI/CD Odyssey: Revolutionizing Deployment with Jenkins

Web Innovate Inc., a dynamic and innovative web development company, is seeking to optimize their software delivery process to enhance the reliability and speed of their product deployments.

They have decided to implement a Jenkins-based CI/CD pipeline to automate their development processes. As part of the engineering team, you are tasked with setting up this pipeline to continuously integrate and deploy updates for a web application currently hosted on GitHub.

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Career Counselling

Unlock your ideal career path with guidance from our experts, who tailor opportunities to your unique interests.

Process Involved: 

✔️ Assessing your strengths and pinpointing areas for growth to align with your career aspirations.

✔️ Setting strategic goals to enhance your employability and achieve optimal career outcomes.

Resume Review

Our experts will also help you understand the expectations of the industry so as to help you prepare your resume better.

Process Involved:
✔️ Evaluate your resume as a prospective employer
✔️ Determining areas that might require additional emphasis
✔️ Tips on best resume practices catered to job applications

Interview Preparation

These interviews are customised to the roles that you are applying for. Feedback is also provided at the end of the interviews.

Process Involved:
✔️ A detailed review of the interview
✔️ Identifying what you did well and ways to improve
✔️ Objective feedback about your competencies in relation to job applications

Fee Structure of University of Emerging Technologies

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What do you get?

✅ One-on-One Mentorship: Get personalized guidance from industry professionals.

Hands-on Training: Learn through practical modules and real-world projects.

Resume Building Support: Enhance your professional profile with our dedicated assistance

Mock Interviews: Practice and prepare for job interviews with expert feedback

Access to Job Listings: Explore new opportunities with exclusive access to listings.

Internship Opportunity: Qualify for potential internships with our Corporate Partners

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Read Success Stories

Emily Carter

Emily Carter

Transformative Experience! This Jenkins course was thorough. The CI/CD pipeline setup was insightful and intensely practical.

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson

Well-structured! Loved the depth, particularly in Jenkins security and plugin management. Instructors were incredibly supportive.

Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

Career Advancing! Mastering Jenkins for automated deployments has significantly boosted my value in tech teams.

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Rebecca Thomas

Meet Rebecca James, a proud UET alumni and successful web developer. She completed her Web Development Certification course at UET and has since built an impressive portfolio. Now, Rebecca has returned to share her wisdom with our community. In this exclusive tutorial video, she provides insightful tips and shares her unique journey to inspire current and prospective students. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of our accomplished alumni. Check out Rebecca's tutorial video now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the instructors for the Jenkins course? ⚡ Our instructors are seasoned DevOps professionals and Jenkins experts who bring years of practical experience from working in fields like software automation, system administration, and cloud computing, enriching the learning environment with real-world insights. ❓ How many hours per week do I need to commit? ⚡ We recommend dedicating 10-12 hours per week to fully engage with the course content, participate in hands-on projects, and interact with peers and instructors for the most effective learning experience. ❓ What kind of support will I receive during this course? ⚡ Students will benefit from personalized mentorship, access to an exclusive community forum for all course participants, and ongoing technical support throughout the course duration to ensure every student has the support needed to succeed. ❓ How many projects are included in the course? ⚡ The course includes several hands-on projects tailored to real-world Jenkins applications and a comprehensive capstone project where you'll implement a fully functional CI/CD pipeline, providing both practical experience and a portfolio-worthy achievement. ❓ Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course? ⚡ Yes, upon successfully completing the course with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive a certificate that validates your expertise in Jenkins and CI/CD practices, enhancing your professional credibility. ❓ What is the refund policy for this course? ⚡ We offer a 2-day no-questions-asked refund policy from the start date of the course, giving you the freedom to evaluate if the course meets your expectations without any risk. ❓ How will this course enhance my LinkedIn profile and job prospects? ⚡ Completing this course will significantly enhance your DevOps skills, particularly with Jenkins, making you a desirable candidate for roles in software development and IT operations. We provide tips on how to showcase your new skills and projects on LinkedIn and other professional networks to attract potential employers. ❓ What career paths can I pursue after completing this course? ⚡ Graduates are well-equipped for roles such as DevOps Engineer, Automation Specialist, Jenkins Administrator, or CI/CD Architect, with applicable skills across diverse tech landscapes. ❓ What salary can I expect after completing this course? ⚡ Skills in Jenkins and DevOps are highly valued, with typical salaries ranging from $80,000 to $120,000 annually, varying by location, industry, and the specific roles pursued. ❓ What are the prerequisites for enrolling in this course? ⚡ Prospective students should have a basic understanding of software development practices and familiarity with version control systems like Git. Prior experience with scripting or programming is beneficial but not required. ❓ Can you provide more details about the capstone project? ⚡ The capstone project challenges you to design and implement a comprehensive CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins that supports multi-environment staging and deployment, integrating various development tools and platforms. ❓ What is the duration and format of the course? ⚡ This dynamic 6-week course is delivered online, blending interactive live sessions, recorded tutorials, and flexible project-based learning to accommodate various learning preferences and schedules.

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*Please note: We're committed to providing the best, most relevant education. That means the specifics of our course content, included projects, and the capstone project may vary as we continually update and improve the course. However, the core learning experience and objectives will always remain top-notch and comprehensive.

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*If we are not immediately available to answer your call or respond to your message, it is deemed that we have your consent to contact you later in response. We appreciate your patience and look forward to assisting you.

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