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International Workshops & Networking Events in Dubai, UAE 

We’re here to help you find the study abroad experience of a lifetime in Dubai! Our comprehensive guides will help you navigate the challenges of finding the perfect program.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably the type of person who wants to travel the world and have new adventures. You’re open to a change of pace and maybe want to master a new skill.

This program includes educational sessions and workshops delivered by top professors, professionals having years of industry experience, and executive coaches. This programs will also serve as a large networking event for Entrepreneurs , Startups and Business Professionals.   


Calling All: Tech Startups! Entrepreneurs ! Artists ! Professionals ! Free-lancers, Thinkers, Game-Changers, and Heroes!  

Are you looking for co-founders, partners, coaches or core team members for your start-up or maybe you just want to have some fun while you learn the skill you always wanted! Please join us for an amazing week filled with lots of learning,  creativity, inspiration and passionate conversations.  

Workshops in Dubai

Get to Know Dubai

Dubai has rocketed up the popularity rankings. The city has implemented an ambitious tourism strategy to attract 25 million visitors a year by 2025, and they’re already almost there.

Thanks to its iconic skyscrapers, unrivaled adventure activities, world-class entertainment, and exclusive experiences (dinner in the sky, anyone?), Dubai has established itself as a global leader in innovation, technology, and tourism. But the City of Gold is also rich in vibrant history and culture, which exquisitely complements its modern flare.

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