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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know when the next batch begins? A. Once you join the waitlist, you'll be among the first to be notified about the commencement date of the next batch. We'll keep you informed via the email address you provide us. Rest assured, you won't miss out on the opportunity to enroll! Q. What if I want to switch to a different Microdegree for the next batch? A: Absolutely no problem! Our aim is to provide you with the best learning experience that suits your career aspirations. If you wish to switch to a different Microdegree, simply respond to one of our notification emails or contact our support team directly, and we'll assist you with the change. Q: What's the benefit of joining the waitlist instead of enrolling later? A: Joining the waitlist ensures that you're among the first to know when enrollment for the next batch begins, giving you a head start on securing your place. Our Microdegree programs are high in demand, and slots often fill up quickly. Plus, individuals on the waitlist may be eligible for early-bird discounts or special promotions. So joining the waitlist not only keeps you informed but also provides potential benefits!

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