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Frontend Developer Basics Internship

Frontend Developer Basics Internship

Kickstart your career in web development with the Frontend Developer Basics Internship, a 1-month immersive program that introduces you to the cornerstones of the web: HTML and CSS

Through this hands-on experience, you'll master the art of creating engaging and well-structured webpages. You'll embark on exciting projects such as crafting a fan and biography webpage for Linus Torvalds using HTML, and developing an interactive gallery using CSS. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have the foundational skills needed to conceptualize and build visually appealing web interfaces, setting the stage for a future in full-stack development.




Start Date

1 Month


Training + Internship


1-on-1 Live


Office Scene

About the Internship

​Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 

1. Webpage Development: Design and develop webpages using HTML and CSS, ensuring they are responsive and user-friendly.
2. Project Implementation: Work on specific projects such as creating a dedicated fan and biography webpage for notable figures and developing interactive galleries to showcase digital content.
3. Code Review and Optimization: Regularly participate in code reviews to learn best practices and optimize your webpages for speed and efficiency.
4. Collaborative Learning: Collaborate with fellow interns and mentors to solve programming challenges and enhance your understanding of frontend technologies.
5. Research and Adaptation: Stay updated with the latest trends in web design and apply innovative CSS techniques to enhance visual appeal and interactivity.
6. Feedback Implementation: Actively incorporate feedback from supervisors and peers to refine and improve your web development skills.

Exciting Industry Trends

90% Increase in Demand

Demand is expected to rise by 90% by 2025, driven by the increasing need for robust web presence.

$68,000 Average Salary

Frontend developers in the US average $68,000 annually, with top earners reaching $120,000.

50% More Job Listings

Annual job listings for Frontend Developers have grown by 50% since 2018, indicating a thriving market.

Check what our participants have to say


Alvin H
Frontend Developer, Tech Innovate Solutions

Exceptionally Structure Program for New Developers

"This internship is a fantastic starting point for anyone new to coding. The structured approach and personal attention make learning HTML and CSS not just manageable but enjoyable. I'm particularly impressed by the supportive community and the knowledgeable instructors. A big thank you to everyone at University of Emerging Technologies for their unwavering support!"

Our Corporate Partners

Successful UET Alumni Employer
Successful UET Alumni Employer

Fable Stable

Successful UET Alumni Employer
Successful UET Alumni Employer
Successful UET Alumni Employer

Capstone Projects

#1 Crafting a Fan and Biography Webpage for Linus Torvalds using HTML

You are an aspiring web developer at TechPioneers Inc., tasked with a special project: creating a tribute webpage for Linus Torvalds. 

#2 Building an Interactive and Responsive Image Gallery

You are part of the web development team at CreativeDesigns Inc. The company is revamping its website and needs an interactive and responsive image gallery to showcase its portfolio. 

List of skills that participants will acquire

1. HTML Proficiency: Gain a deep understanding of HTML5, learning how to structure webpages effectively and implement various elements like forms, tables, and media.
2. CSS Expertise: Develop the ability to style and layout webpages with CSS, mastering concepts such as Flexbox, Grid, and responsive design techniques.
3. Web Design Principles: Understand the principles of good web design, including user experience (UX), color theory, typography, and accessibility standards.
4. Cross-Browser Compatibility: Learn how to ensure that webpages look consistent and function properly across various browsers.
5. Debugging and Testing: Acquire skills in debugging HTML and CSS code and performing basic testing to ensure webpages are error-free.
6. Project Management: Understand how to manage web development projects from conception through to delivery, including planning, timeline management, and feedback implementation.
7. Team Collaboration: Enhance teamwork skills by collaborating with peers and mentors, which is crucial for success in professional web development environments.

Internship Porgram by UET

From Training to Career: We've Got Your Back!

Included with Every Internship Program

Career Counselling

Navigate your career path with personalized counseling from our experts who align your goals with market demands

Key Benefits:

✔️ Personalized assessments to discover your unique strengths.
✔️ Custom goal setting to map out your successful career path.

Resume & Interview Prep

Enhance your marketability with expertly tailored resume feedback and focused interview training.

Services Include:

✔️ 1:1 resume evaluations from an employer’s perspective.
✔️ Actionable tips tailored to the specifics of your job market.

Manage Projects with JIRA

Gain practical skills in project management using JIRA, enhancing your efficiency and employability.

JIRA Essentials:
✔️ Core JIRA functionalities tutorial.
✔️ Real-world project applications.

Who Can Apply

  1. Available for a part-time, remote internship.

  2. Able to start within the next two weeks.

  3. Committed for the full duration of the internship.

  4. Keen to learn and grow in the field.


Application Process

Step 1: Screening

During this initial phase, you will be asked to upload your resume. Our screening process focuses on assessing your potential to excel in your chosen career pathway, rather than just your past educational and professional experiences. You will be informed within 1 working day whether you have progressed to the next stage of the interview process.

Step 2: Interview and Selection

The interview allows you to learn more about our organization and enables us to determine if you are a good fit for the internship. No prior experience is necessary; we are primarily interested in your willingness to learn. If we find that you are a good match, you will be invited to join an upcoming cohort.

Step 3: Skill Development

Under the mentorship of our expert instructors and in collaboration with fellow interns, you will develop both technical and interpersonal skills. Success in this phase qualifies you to advance to the skill deployment phase. Here, you can apply your skills in practical settings such as a capstone project, or with one of our corporate partners, preparing you for real-world applications and enhancing your career prospects.

Step 4: Skill Deployment

During deployment, you will apply the skills you have learned and acquire new ones to fulfill project needs effectively. This comprehensive internship experience equips you with the necessary skills and experience to progress in your chosen career.

Apply Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Who is this Frontend Developer Basics Internship for? ⚡ Anyone interested in learning web development, specifically HTML and CSS. Applicants should ideally have some IT experience, but it's not mandatory. We welcome individuals eager to learn, regardless of prior experience. ❓ What are the prerequisites to enroll in this Frontend Developer Basics Internship? 🌟 There are no prerequisites in terms of prior knowledge or experience. All you need is a willingness to learn. ❓ What is the mode of training for this Frontend Developer Internship? 🖥️ The internship is conducted remotely, allowing you to learn and practice from anywhere. ❓ Who will be the trainer for this Frontend Developer Basics Internship? 👩‍🏫 Our trainers are experienced web developers and educators who specialize in HTML and CSS, ensuring you learn from the best in the field. ❓ How much time do I need to spend per week to do well in this internship? ⏰ Participants typically need to dedicate about 10-15 hours per week to effectively grasp the concepts and complete the assignments. ❓ Will I get an Internship certificate irrespective of my performance? 📜 Yes, upon completing the internship, you'll receive a Course Completion Certificate, an Internship Certificate for those scoring 70% or higher on the capstone project, and a Letter of Recommendation for exceptional performance. Additionally, outstanding performers may also be considered for paid roles such as teaching assistants or contributors to real-time projects at Data Magnum. ❓ What do Frontend Developer interns do? 💻 Interns work on various projects that involve designing and developing web pages using HTML and CSS, incorporating responsive designs, and ensuring cross-browser compatibility. ❓ How is this Frontend Developer Basics Internship different from other programs? 🚀 Our internship focuses on practical learning, where you immediately apply what you learn through real-world projects. This hands-on approach is designed to build your skills and confidence in web development quickly. ❓ What skills will I learn during this Frontend Developer Basics Internship? 🛠️ You will learn HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design, cross-browser compatibility, and best practices in web page layout and design. ❓ What projects will I work on during the internship? 📐 You will undertake projects such as creating a fanpage, and an interactive image gallery, all from scratch. ❓ What kind of support will I receive during the internship? 🤝 You will have access to one-on-one mentoring sessions, peer collaboration platforms, and regular feedback loops with your instructors to ensure you have all the support you need. ❓ Can this internship lead to full-time employment opportunities? 🌟 While this internship itself does not guarantee employment, the skills and experience gained make you a competitive candidate for junior frontend developer positions in the industry.
Learner Support at University of Emerging Technologies

 UET Support

*Please note that for the purpose of training and maintaining high-quality service, all phone and WhatsApp conversations may be recorded. We appreciate your understanding.

*If we are not immediately available to answer your call or respond to your message, it is deemed that we have your consent to contact you later in response. We appreciate your patience and look forward to assisting you.

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