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Mr. Evans Tachie Menson

Mr. Evans Tachie Menson

Associate Vice-Chancellor, University of Emerging Technologies

Mr. Evans Tachie Menson is a Technologist, Educationist, life coach, and entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Promidel Group and serves as board chairman of Bam Petroleum North America.

Mr. Menson’s in-depth experience in Enterprise Systems and Solutions spans two decades and across multiple industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, and Manufacturing. He is a leading voice in Business Intelligence, Data analytics, and Big data circles across North America, Europe, and continental Africa.

For over two decades he held Platinum SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, and Software Architect roles, leading and developing solutions for Fortune 500 Companies in North America, including Pacific Drilling, Haliburton, Chevron, Baker Hughes, Conocco Phillips, AIG, Monsanto, Mckesson, and many more.

Mr. Menson also held Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) consulting role with Hyundai Motor Manufacturing, Alabama.

He continually serves as a mentor, trainer, and life coach to hundreds of professionals and industry tech experts. He also enjoys a large following across the globe and social media circles.

Trained as an engineer, the systematic and process-driven approach to issues has helped him solve countless real-life and corporate challenges. This skill set facilitated the successful founding, creation, and management of many startups to full-blown companies such as Bam Petroleum and CenterPoint Oil Ltd Ghana. Mr. Tachie Menson believes in a practical hands-on approach to learning and acquiring skills and is a firm proponent of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Ten thousand hours of mastery”. This he says is what uniquely sets participants and for that matter, the University of Emerging Technologies apart. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Mr. Menson brings decades-long international and multi-industry depth, large firm management skills, and daily business operations with Data Analytics and Business Intelligence technology expertise to the University of Emerging Technologies.

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