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Mr. Shay Zandani

Mr. Shay Zandani

Advisory Board Member, University of Emerging Technologies

Results-driven Entrepreneur with a solid, verifiable career track record for creating and driving enhanced organizational value through solutions innovation, product development and technology integration. Experienced in small start-ups and Fortune 15 companies, across U.S., LATAM and European markets. Identify and seize viable opportunities for expansion and innovation and grow them into profitable and valued enterprise with loyal customers.

My entrance into cybersecurity started on the nation-state cyber battlefield, where I’ve founded the Information Warfare Department at the Israeli Air Force in the 90s. Under my leadership, the IWD pioneered the use of data manipulation for cyber offense. I then spent more than a decade as CEO of Kesselman Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS), a subsidiary of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Israel focused on conducting risk and cybersecurity maturity assessments for large enterprises, globally. Prior to PwC, I participated in establishing the first Trusted Third Party (TTP) Certificate Authority in Israel. I’ve co-founded Cytegic – the first cybersecurity risk management platform designed to enable corporate security teams to qualify and quantify risk for an executive audience, and established GYTs Holdings as a services company in the US. For the last 2 years, I was a principal in the New York office of KPMG LLP’s Advisory Services practice, focusing on the financial services industry and cybersecurity innovation. I was the cyber lead partner for the insurance sector in the US.

I have a unique blend of private and public sector experience with a deep understanding of how cyber risk evolves and impacts an organization’s bottom line. Moreover, I have a global experience regarding Forensics investigation, Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning projects.

I was elected to be the president of ISACA Israel, in 2013, after 7 years as the head of the professional committee and was involved with ISACA global task force for the CSX cyber exams.

I’ve received my bachelor and master’s degrees in computer science from the Open University of Israel, and Executive MBA from Northwestern University and Tel-Aviv University, upon graduating from Mamram, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) technical elite unit in 1990.

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