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Ms. Shivani Khare

Ms. Shivani Khare

Global Product Manager, University of Emerging Technologies

Shivani Khare is a highly skilled and experienced global product manager, currently working for a US-based software consultancy company. With over 8 years of experience in the education industry, Shivani has established herself as an expert in the field of product management and has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

Shivani's role as a global product manager involves managing a diverse product portfolio consisting of B2B and B2C products across a broad spectrum of industries, including online education, software services, and healthcare. She has implemented agile product management practices with key outcomes focused on growing revenue across the product portfolio.

Shivani's experience in the edtech space is particularly noteworthy, having worked with two unicorns in the industry at their starting stages and helping them to grow. She holds a B.Tech degree in computer science and began her career as a Fullstack developer before transitioning into product management.

Shivani is highly respected in the tech industry and has been invited to speak as a panelist in international conferences such as WEEF GEDC Spain. She is passionate about mentoring the younger generation in the tech industry and puts her efforts toward that in her free time. Shivani is also an avid traveler, having had international career exposure working with clients in the US, Europe, Kenya, India, and Dubai.

With her wealth of experience and expertise in product management, Shivani Khare is a highly sought-after professional who has contributed significantly to the growth and success of various companies in the education industry.

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